About Me

My name is Sarah (Sarah-Louise, actually, but you can only call me that if you are one of my grandparents), and I am 28. I am married, and have been for 5 wonderful years, to my best friend in the world. He is American, which has apparently resulted in my sounding Irish, due to the strange, sub-conscious adoption of a half-American accent. We live in a little village in Norfolk, with our fat, adorable cat-child, Richard Parker.

I just received my MPhil, for which I wrote a ginormous (66,000 words) research paper on the Women’s Auxiliary Air Force (which is why the WAAF get mentioned a lot in these blog posts). I am now working on my PhD, which focuses on the Women’s Royal Naval Service in the Second World War. My fields of interest (and hopefully future specialisation) are women’s military history and intelligence history, and I am a member of the Royal Air Force Historical Society and the Royal Aeronautical Society.

I am blessed to have married a man who supports my research, and perhaps more importantly, my super-hero/Star Trek obsession. He really, really is the best.

In another life, my degree would be from Starfleet Academy, and I would be employed by the United Federation of Planets on the bridge of the USS Enterprise. But in this one, I shall continue to follow inspirational women, tell their stories, write papers, read books, attend comic book conventions and have shrimp Friday with my boys at home. Do get in touch should you want to – I am always delighted to find like-minded enthusiasts (history and nerd-stuff).

Live long, and prosper.