Silver Linings and Happier Days

I went into the office today to collect some things, nine months after I last left it. My calendar was still stuck on March, and the days were ticked off leading up to the date the first lockdown began. I remember thinking, back then, that things would probably look brighter in a few months. I […]

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The Contagious Courage of Granny

A month yesterday, I said goodbye to my grandmother for the last time. I visited her in hospital, knowing that it wouldn’t be long before we were parted forever, and held her hand as I thought about the twenty-nine years that we were so lucky to have together. We talked a little, shared a few […]

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“The Girl from Mars”

It’s been a long, long time since I almost missed my stop on my train commute because of a book. I usually use the time to get ahead with my work for the day, and if I really feel like treating myself, I’ll read a John le Carré novel. Not even the king of espionage […]

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A Very British Christmas

Christmas has always been my favourite time of year. When I was a child I loved it for the same reasons all children do – presents, the thrill of leaving out carrots and mince pies for the reindeer and their famous owner, and being allowed to eat chocolate for breakfast on the single most exciting […]

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278 Pages Later…

When I started my research, I made the choice to reconcile myself with the fact that I am apparently a magnet for unusual problems. I’ve made some unconventional choices over the past few years (none of which I regret), and have found myself at the centre of a barrage of complications and long-winded issues. In […]

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Goodbye for a while…

Tomorrow September begins. I love the Autumn – it’s my absolute favourite time of year. Not least because I get to go back to school! (NERD). The summer has been intense, and I have really enjoyed writing this blog, as well as pursuing research on topics that I wouldn’t usually have time for. Many of […]

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